Revolution Masters Summit, Monterey, July 2004

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon May 31 15:10:02 EDT 2004

cteno4 wrote:
 > You all will have to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium to see my
 > DeepLink exhibit in the auditorium, its build with Metacard.
 > The exhibit presents live video from a deep sea ROV (remotely
 > operated vehicle) in monterey bay to the audience and the
 > metacard driven poduim allows the presenter to control what
 > live video is displayed, pre-recorded video clips (animals,
 > habitats, equipment, etc), bring up maps, ship location,
 > cheat sheet notes to answer questions, etc. It was initially
 > designed in the very first beta of colorized hypercard back
 > in 1990, then programmed in toolbook, then upgraded to
 > metacard about 6 years back. Really shows the serial
 > communication MC can do. its talking to about 6 different
 > serial devices at various points. Also runs like a champ.
 > the only crisis calls i have gotten have been due to someone
 > accidntally unplugging something (the first question is is
 > it plugged in...) or a peice of equipment blowing out.
 > Would love to join you all, my parents live in Monterey,
 > but i will be in Southeast Alaska installing another
 > Metacard/Rev exhibit on the Marine Mammales of SE Alaska
 > that week.

Wow!  Will definitely check that out.

Sounds like another excellent project to add to the Case Studies page at 

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