IDE Interference (not just a another rant)

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Fri May 28 10:02:06 CDT 2004

>Er.. Xavier I haven't been following this thread so maybe I'm off track 
>but in what what is Rev interfering with your stack's events. We all know
>that the IDE is made of stacks. A stack's a stack. So you will get
>suspendStack and resumeStack messages when moving around the IDE. This is
>not a problem if you understand the reality. Same thing happens in 

Monte, I saw that MC was also afflicted with thi issue. But IMOHO the Rev 
should not interfere with applications in development - As I developped 
XOS, I used
extensively the HC messaging to intercept all stack events from the 
hierarchy top -
much like frontscritps would and will soon - the key point was not to 
interfere with other
stacks and this required particular checks everywhere... 

So I dont have anything against RR's event usage - the conflict is when 
these events 
start causing these GUI freezes as I was experiencing - I do work in a 
very particular 
environment and as I said, never experienced this at home. 

>Having said that from the sounds of what you wrote above you are actually
>implemeting your autosave feature in a different way than what you think. 
>think you are actually looking for the suspend message sent to the 
>card of the topStack when the application is suspended. This is a quite
>different beast to suspendStack and should avoid your work getting locked 
>when you are just trying to edit stuff.

In a multicard environment, a single card script would not sufice - if I 
read you right... 
That's why it was in the stack script. Note that there is an advantage in 
this feature...
It simulates the HC saving which was part of its robustness... 

The problem was:
- saving over the network is 100 times slower...
- choosing a tool or changing a property sent a save which I forgot was 
there causing these freezes...

sorry I forgot to send this mail this morning, Lotus notes is definitely 
not GUI friendly as RR ;)

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