mouseWithin vs. ??? w/mouseText

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu May 27 15:47:43 EDT 2004

Hi Judy,

> Hi,
> I've just discovered mouseText and am loving that I don't have to 
> create
> transparent buttons that hopefully align on top of text etc. (my really
> cludgy system).
> Anyways, I have a question about how best to use it.
> I have a text field that contains a mostly regular text but two or 
> three
> words that are boldface.  What I'd like to do (and can but not quite
> right) is to use the mouseText function such that when the user mouses
> over the word in boldface for an additional fld to be shown (sorta 
> like a
> tooltip only longer); this field contains a definition or explanation 
> of
> the word that is in boldface.
> Neither mouseWithin more mouseEnter works quite right.  mouseWithin
> continuously checks and thus results in alot of screen flicker; 
> mouseEnter
> checks only upon entering the field.
> Any suggestions??

Use a "mousemove" handler in that field...

First check the textstyle of "the mousechunk" (NOT tested, right out of 
my head :-)
and then "the mousetext"...

Or something like this ;-)

> Thanks!

Hope that helps...

> Judy


Klaus Major
klaus at

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