problems with "send" and macosx .3.3

shaosean at shaosean at
Wed May 19 22:09:19 EDT 2004

> Are you talking about the Transcript command, 'send'?


> If so, it need not be complex.  The command parameter may be a 
> variable.  The object parameter may be a variable specifying the object
> (such as the long id).

my line of code is:

do ("send" && QUOTE & tTransactionDataA["transaction"] && 
tTransactionData & QUOTE && "to stack" && QUOTE & 
sRegisteredTransactionsA[tTransactionDataA["transaction"]] & QUOTE 
&& "in 0 milliseconds")

tTransactionDataA[] is an array containing all of the data
tTransactionData is the same array, but as a flat string

sRegsiteredTransactionsA[] is an array that maps "transaction"s to the 
stack that has registered to receive them.. (currently a one-to-one 
mapping, but in the future it will be one-to-many)..


ps.. thanks to everyone so far for the help ^_^

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