Palette redraw problem

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Wed May 19 19:18:40 EDT 2004

Did you try locking & unlocking the screen to force a screen refresh? That's
one workaround idea.

Phil Davis

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Subject: Palette redraw problem

> Before I bugzilla this, I wanted to check to see if anyone else has hit
> this snag and whether there is a work-around for it.
> I have stack that opens a tool palete. I want the palette to disappear
> when the stack is not frontmost, and reappear when it is. I scripted a
> suspendStack handler and a resumeStack handler to manage this:
> on suspendStack
>   hide palette "myPalette"
> end suspendStack
> on resumeStack
>   show palette "myPalette"
> end resumeStack
> This works exactly every other time the stack is suspended; that is, the
> first time it hides, the second time it doesn't. In addition, the times
> when the palette is reshown, it is not redrawn and appears on screen as
> a plain white rectangle with no contents. "Go this card of stack
> myPalette" from the message box will force a redraw and the contents
> Sometimes the engine seems to forget what the stack status is. When the
> palette appears to be empty and all white, the message box says it is
> hidden. However, "show palette mypalette" in this case does not work and
> there is no change to the stack's appearance. Neither does "hide palette
> mypalette". The engine seems to completely forget the palette stack
> exists. There are no reported errors.
> I have tried closing the palette rather than hiding it; no difference. I
> have put blocking scripts for all system messages in the palette stack;
> no difference. I have locked messages before hiding or showing the
> stack; no difference. I have added a check in each handler to make sure
> the target of the suspend and resume messages is the primary stack; no
> difference.
> Ideas? Workarounds till this gets fixed? Has anyone seen this before?
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