Making Rev apps hidden in Panther

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As a backup plan, I tried the free "Dockless" tool (,  and 
told it to make my Revolution stack invisible to the dock.  This works,  
unfortunately it also makes my Rev app so that I can't click-and-drag it  anymore. 
 Weird.  Anyone know of any other ways of making a Rev stack  act like a 
process (making it invisible to the dock, and hiding the  menubar)
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Unfortunately that seems to be the case... one MORE thing that doesn't  work
in Panther! Sheesh...

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> I've tried the below instructions for making  a Mac app 
> invisible.  For  me, 
> unfortunately, it's  not working.  Could it be due to Panther?
>  _
>  _proc003_ 
>  (
which  states:

To   hide an application process in OS X, open the Info.plist file in the  
Contents  folder of the application package. Add tis to the  <dict>  section
doesn't seem to matter  where):



Doing this will remove the process from the Dock, and from any  menus that  
list active (visible) processes. To show it again, you  can either put in a 0

instead of a 1 for the <key>, or you can  remove the whole  thing.  
I'm  on OS 10.3.3, using Rev 2.2, and implementing this change to the   
Info.plist file in the Contens folder of my Rev app has no effect.   My app
shows up in the Dock.  Does it work for anyone   else?
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