ShowList port to Transcript

Steve Meyer sdmeyer at
Wed May 12 23:45:39 EDT 2004

While porting a HyperCard stack (with accelerating success!) I ran into 
a hurdle with an xfcn supplied with PowerTools. I suspect Transcript 
supplies the functionality, but haven't been able to find it.

Showlist accepts as one of the parameters a return delimited list and 
shows them in a dialog box. (Other parameters are the prompt, buttons, 
and some other options.) The result of the command is the selection 
when the OK button is clicked. I create the list earlier in the handler 
from card data since it can change between handler calls.

I've looked in the Transcript dialog and palette commands, but haven't 
found anything comparable.

In a nutshell, I want to display a dialog or palette with a scrolling 
list and select an item for the script to continue with. At a minimum 
it must have a prompt, list, and OK and Cancel buttons.


Steve Meyer
(Early user, first post)
(I did check back a few months in the archives. Sorry if this has been 
discussed recently or is obvious to a casual observer.)

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