Another CGI question. Keeping an array over more than oneWebpage.

jbv jbv.silences at
Fri May 7 13:03:45 EDT 2004


> At the risk of getting slammed by the anti-cookie
> lobby : you could always store session variables in
> cookies.
> You can serialise your array and encrypt that data as
> well if you want to, and these cookies can be
> automatically deleted when the user quits his browser,
> or you can have them expire at a certain time, etc.

Although I might be one of the most virulent anti-cookie
activists (I NEVER used cookies in the numerous websites
I've developped), I won't slam you...   ;-)
Nevertheless, I keep thinking that using cookies is a blatant
demonstration of lazyness for a programer (nothing personal
of course) and that there are more elegant solutions.
Furthermore, I know many end users who are virulent anti-
cookies as well, who disable systematically the cookie option
of their browser, and who get really irritated when a webpage
refuses to display because they turned off the cookie option and
who swear god they'll never visit that website again...


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