Applescriptable RR app?

Graham Samuel graham.samuel at
Tue May 4 14:23:38 EDT 2004

On Tue, 4 May 2004 10:02:35 -0500, "Ken Ray" <kray at> wrote:

>Yes you can, Graham. The app you build with RR will automatically come with
>a dictionary that includes support for "do script" and "evaluate", but you
>can add your own commands, etc. by adding in an 'aete' resource (in OS 9,
>I'm not sure how to do it in OS X) that will send specific apple events to
>your app which you can trap in an "on appleEvent" handler.
>If someone can tell me how to do it in OS X, I'll wrap up a set of
>instructions on how to do this...

OK - thanks very much Ken. I'm not scared of AppleEvent handlers (done 
that), but I see that I need to so a lot of work to tutor myself in 
AppleScript. I've been lurking on the official AS mailing list for some 
time now, but it doesn't seem to me to have the friendly feel of this list. 
The language seems xTalk "kind of", but the underlying model of the objects 
and how they fit together doesn't look very intuitive to me... well, let's 
hope Mr O'Reilly will give me the help I need. I do see that AS capability 
is going to be very useful in several contexts...

Back to work.


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