OT two+ buck a gallon gas AAARRRGGGGHHH

Frank Leahy frank at backtalk.com
Wed Mar 17 16:14:30 CST 2004

On Wednesday, March 17, 2004, at 09:31  PM, 
use-revolution-request at lists.runrev.com wrote:

> Actually the state of the roads and the amount of traffic in English
> cities means that you get MUCH fewer miles to the gallon/litre
> anyway. At least (well apart from Highway 17 and SJ in rush hour) you
> spend much more time cruising and less time stopping and starting!!!
> Just my 5 cents (US or Euro) worth!!!!!
> Cheers
> Dave

We moved to England from San Francisco last September and bought a Ford 
Galaxy, 7 seat mini-van, diesel, that gets 45 miles to the gallon, and 
can cruise all day at 110 mph (I've driven 100+mph from Cornwall to 
London several times -- try that in California without spending all day 
looking in your rear view mirror).  (And why is it that the same car 
gets under 20 miles per gallon in the States?)

But we're not complaining about the price of gas.  Why?  Because we get 
free health care for the extra we pay at the pump! (see 

-- Frank

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