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hershrev hershbp at realtorsgroup.us
Fri Mar 12 11:16:06 CST 2004

I'm trying to build a typical kiosk app. for a restaurant . Now I need 
to enable the owner to add categories and items as menus change.
In FileMaker Pro you create a relation and  drop a button on the portal 
(grid) and every additional record adds a  button thru the relation. 
(if no relation is active the portal is empty) and uses the text for 
button name the field contents. Other wise saving buttons in seperate 
files , I think is a pain. Now back to the question how is it done in 
real db, ? ( currently I use PostgreSQL )
Thanks , hershrev
p.s. if you have a copy of fileMaker I could email you the solution I 
have. or if you want you could dl it from www.filemaker.com
On Thursday, March 11, 2004, at 07:34 PM, cteno4 wrote:

> Hersherv,
> hmm, well most kiosk applications are static content being displayed so
> the user/visitor is just getting premade (or pre coordinated) buttons
> that send them to screens (pages) of content. if you did need to have a
> custom screen of buttons assembled on the fly from some user input (ie
> like where do you want to go, do, etc) then you could have premade
> buttons that were assembled on a menu screen by filling in a grid. you
> could also just have metacard buttons and change the labels on the fly 
> to
> be real cheap and fast or custom button art and on the fly button 
> labels
> with fields over the art (could even use the field to catch the button
> mouse events).
> i am a little confused as to what you are thinking of building for a
> kiosk application. maybe send out a description of what you were 
> thinking
> of building and what it would do and i can see if i can answer your
> questions a bit more directly.
> cheers,
> jeff
> use-revolution-request at lists.runrev.com wrote on 3/11/04 6:15 PM
>>> Hersherv,
>>> well its pretty much the same as any other metacard/rev app. you can
>>> have
>>> the screens built by db data and pieces on the fly or make cards that
>>> have all the art/buttons on them. i have done it both ways. usually 
>>> if
>>> its a large project then ill have a card for each screen with 
>>> standard
>>> nav butons and then art in shared backgrounds and screen specific 
>>> text
>>> and media brought in from files on the fiy. if its a small project
>>> then i
>>> just art each screen as a card. for really huge standardized displays
>>> you
>>> can jsut make template cards that jsut fill in the blanks from files 
>>> on
>>> the fly.
>> Now when the user wants to add his own buttons how does that work ?
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