VT100 Terminal Emulation App

Bill Vlahos bvlahos at mac.com
Wed Mar 10 19:05:40 CST 2004

Has anyone created a VT100 Terminal Emulation Application in Rev? We 
have a host system (Mas90) which seems to work perfectly in Terminal on 
OS X but the Admins seem to have had a great deal of problems with 
Windows and particularly key mappings (most notably function keys up to 
F12 which is not normally part of VT100). They report that key mappings 
are difficult between Macs and Windows which I find difficult to 
believe. There solution a few years ago was to buy a Windows only 16 
bit commercial software program called DejaWIN. They now want to 
upgrade to the 32 bit version of it (which is still Windows only) and 
I've got to think there is a better way.

As long as a VT100 core application can do the normal things like ASCII 
characters for borders, text and background colors, etc., I can't see 
that this would be a very hard program to write. It might be just a 
little extra work to program the extended key mappings for whatever the 
system wants.

Seems like a good fit for a Revolution app where we can specify the key 
mappings and know they will work cross-platform.

Bill Vlahos

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