Never mind -- looks like this (was Returning scroll values)

Ken Norris pixelbird at
Mon Mar 8 00:22:33 EST 2004

on 3/7/04 8:46 PM, Ken Norris at pixelbird at wrote:

> How do I get hScroll and vScroll values on the fly from working the scrollbars
> of a group?
Here it is:

on scrollBarDrag
  put hScroll(me) into x
  put vScroll(me) into y
  put x,y
end scrollBarDrag you can tell what's happening, in case anyone is interested.

This is part of a project which uses maps and metamaps to scroll a large
oversize picture (actually a county road map of my island in this case)
using scrollbars, a pseudo-grab routine in the group, and a metaMap with a
moveable rect that causes the big map to scroll, all of which will respond
to each other.

Scroll-It-Your-Way ;-)

Of course, I'll share when I get it all together and try to get the code
cleaned up.

Ken N.

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