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>> I imported the 2448 x 3240 JPEG image to a Rev stack, grouped
>> it, bordered it, set the margins to 0, locked it, added
>> scrollbars, and plugged the
>> *genuine* Rev-style mouseMove grab/scroll handlers into the
>> image script.
>> It works beautifully. Grab/scrolls like its on bed of ball
>> bearings. No problems, no joke.
> Ken, any chance you could post your code for this (if you haven't
> already)?
Yep, I did, but it was a different thread (Chris asked). Actually it moves
like on ball bearings with instant braking. It's a assembled from several
other techniques, no dross. Anyway, here it is again (only one comment,
everything is fairly self-explanatory and simple):

on mouseDown
  global gTX,gTY
  put item 1 of mouseLoc() into gTX
  put item 2 of mouseLoc() into gTY
  set the allowMove of me to true ## automatically creates a custom prop
end mouseDown

on mouseMove x,y
  global gTX,gTY
  if the allowMove of me then
     set hScroll(group id 1007) to hScroll(group id 1007)+(gTX-x)
     set vScroll(group id 1007) to vScroll(group id 1007)+(gTY-y)
     put x into gTX
     put y into gTY
   end if
end mouseMove

on mouseUp
  global gAllowMove
  set the allowMove of me to false
end mouseUp

Ken N.

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