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Thu Mar 4 03:54:48 EST 2004

On Mar 3, 2004, at 7:46 PM, John Tenny wrote:

> I really don't mean to cause any problem, but I am feeling like the 
> stories on Rev books are changing.  I was one of those who quickly 
> sent money for the mid-level membership in Dan's pro-club. That 
> membership, according to the press release dated Oct 23, 2003 included 
> all three volumes, with vol 2 coming in Jan, 2004, and vol 3 in April 
> 2004.
Yep, deadlines shift. Happens all the time, John. Part of that was 
because RunRev came along and offered to do a print version of the 
books, which I had not anticipated. Part of it was because with new 
major Rev releases in the work, it didn't seem useful to finish up 
chapters that were going to be obsolete almost before the bits were 

> Now I find that instead of meeting the deadline that I paid for,

If your perception is that you paid for a deadline, then we've got some 
serious miscommunication going on here. You paid for content. It's 
still coming. It's behind schedule. So is RunRev. It's the nature of 
the beast.

>  I'll need to wait until the full 2nd volume is complete as only level 
> 3 gets the chapter by chapter releases. I quote from the press 
> release..."The Member and Leader levels also include special features 
> like advance access to new chapters"

If you bought the Member level at $137 (and I don't have any record of 
your having done that, by the way, so you need to email me off list and 
straighten that out) based on the press release and not on the clearly 
stated offer on the Web site itself, I'll honor that and give you 
pre-release access to the chapters as they are released. That wasn't 
the intent, but if that's what you think you bought, I'm sure more 
interested in having you be happy than in haggling over such details.

> It sure sounds to me like paying up front for the full set would allow 
> me to get the draft versions as soon  as they are distributed. Or was 
> my momma right when she said "Never pay money for promises cause 
> that's all you'll get." I paid this fee, more than the advertised 
> official manual, because the official manual was not shipping. Now it 
> is, and the advertised Vol 2 is not.
There is NO connection between the manuals from RunRev, which are just 
reference books that print out the contents of the online docs, and my 
books, which are in-depth, step-by-step, tutorial teaching treatments 
by topic. It's not likely anyone who ordered the manuals would see that 
decision as precluding or obviating the value of buying my books. Or 
vice versa for that matter.

> All this seems confusing. Have I misread things, or was I mislead?
If you feel misled as to my books I want to fix that. And I will.
> John
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