Linux distribution selection?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Jul 31 18:00:44 CDT 2004

Troy Rollins wrote:

> I haven't had a Linux machine up and running since RedHat 7.
> I'm looking at all the available distributions, and as usual with Linux, 
> it can be a little bewildering... but here is what I want...
> • Graphical install, package manager and file managers
> • Lightweight and suitable to run on VirtualPC
> • Capable of running Revolution
> • Suited to testing apps, and running test servers
> * No Linux terminal guru requirements
> It doesn't have to be a huge OS, in fact, better if it isn't. I don't 
> plan to do word processing, spreadsheets, email, video editing or play 
> games on it. It would be a Revolution development, and development 
> server installation.

I've been enjoying Linspire (formerly "Lindows").  I've used Red Hat, 
but with Linspire being the OS bundled with WalMart's $200 machines it 
seemed worth seeing this aggressively-consumer-oriented OS.  I'm very 
happy with it.

Extra bonus points:  if you don't want to install it you can run it from 
the second CD included in the package.

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