Desperately seeking help. iconify. uniconify. close from task bar. answer. ms reportable error?

Pat Trendler ptrendler at
Sat Jul 31 05:22:53 CDT 2004


The error is

winxp the Microsoft .."has encountered an problem and need to close. We are
sorry for the incovenience...etc. Please tell microsoft about this problem

win98 & 95 "This program has peformed an illegal operation and will be shut

The shutdownrequest, closestackrequest etc. all get received OK and the
handler runs until it reaches the answer box.
In any case this problem occurs even if you make an empty stack, with a
handler that just has the answer box, to deal with the close from the

I have tried setting the iconic to true, but of course the answer box  is
still in the same handler.

I could probably just set the iconic to true which would force the user to
close the stack from the menu or the close box. They might think it is a bit
strange when they close from the taskbar and then the stack opens up. But
there doesn't seem to be any other way out.

This is obviously some kind of weird bug that nobody has noticed before. As
far as I can tell it doesn't happen in 2.5 (I don't know about 2.2)


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> On Jul 31, 2004, at 12:27 AM, Pat Trendler wrote:
> > Thanks Trevor,
> >
> > Yes you understand right.  It is when the user right clicks on the
> > task bar
> > and chooses close. Otherwise, shutdownrequest etc. work OK if the user
> > maximises first. It's only if the user does it from the taskbar.
> >
> > The same thing happens if I try to trap at the shutdownrequest if the
> > stack
> > is minimized. As soon as it hit the answer box I get the error.
> What is the error exactly?  That the shutdownrequest message is not
> received?  If that is the case might want to check the
> closeStackRequest message as well.
> If the shutdownRequest message is being received then you could try
> setting the iconic property of the stack to "true" before asking the
> user to save.  That should maximize the stack again.
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