2.5 cursor change

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Jul 30 22:54:14 CDT 2004

Marian Petrides wrote:

>  >>>Another way to handle it would be to retain the mickey hand during 
> development and then allow the user to specify when building a 
> standalone whether to keep it or not. It would be very simple change; if 
> the hand cursor isn't available, Rev uses the system arrow by default. 
> The only thing you have to do to get a standard cursor in a standalone 
> is leave out the hand.
> That's a great idea, Jacque.  I hope RunRev decides to go this way!!

Ironically that's very close to the way it's always been:

Changing the default cursor is as simple as adding this line to your

   on startup
     set the defaultCursor to arrow
   end startup

To implement this in the IDE it could have been as simple as doing the
equivalent of that line in the engine itself (probably a resource ID
constant), and less alarming to the developers here than discarding the 
hand cursor resource altogether.

HyperCard didn't do so well as browsers:  in HC the hand cursor was 
always present, giving the impression that everything was clickable.

Once the hand cursor is restored to the cursor collection in Rev, all of 
us who use it in a browser-like fashion over links in text will be able 
to do what HyperCard arguably should have done in the first place:  let 
people make apps that look like all other apps, and use the hand cursor 
only as a visual indicator of links or clickable images.

That Rev is moving toward having the default cursor be the same as with 
all other apps is a welcome move.

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