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Fri Jul 30 19:08:21 CDT 2004

On Friday, July 30, 2004, at 04:40 PM, Troy Rollins wrote:

> By the way, what's bug 1926 all about?  ;-)
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> Troy

When I first came on this list and tried to see if I could create a  
pull-parser several people here directed me to offset() and regEx  
functions using matchtext(). I did some testing and came up with a few  
working functions that were just a little slower than the textCruncher  
Xtra for Director. The speeds where just a little faster than the ones  
I created in RealBasic. So I asked for a high speed pull-parser. There  
was tails among the support staff that someone was working on  
pull-parsers in the XML department and that Rev 2.5 might have that  

Later this past year someone suggested "split by string." Since this is  
exactly what I was looking for in part of the feature request I went  
along with the idea in this:

I hope I did this right. 

            Summary: split by string, string; pull-parser
            Product: Revolution
            Version: 2.5 B1
           Platform: All
         OS/Version: All
             Status: UNCONFIRMED
           Severity: enhancement
           Priority: P2
          Component: Unknown/Does not exist yet
         AssignedTo: bugdatabase at
         ReportedBy: gizmotron at
          QAContact: revbugs at

High speed pull-parser & for whatever else this could be useful

split by string1 to string2

split by string1

getString by string1 to string2

   Example sring1 = "e-mail start"
   Example sring2 = "e-mail end"

   Example sring1 = "<record "
   Example sring2 = "</record>"

   Example sring1 = "<record name="Mary Jones">"
   Example sring2 = "</record>"

splits end up the same as the current spit function with data ending up  
in a sequentially
numerical keyed array including string1 & string2 or option cleaned away

getString returns the string including string1 & string2 or option  
cleaned away

extra note:  "option cleaned away" means that string1 & string2 are  
stripped from the result

I only ask because somehow high speed encryption does so much faster in  
2.5 that in my old Transcript based version. I was looking for high  
speed text parsing based on words and phrases. The split function works  
with single characters as delimiters. I need it to work with strings as  
the delimiters.

Very fast and powerful structured databases could be created using this  
pull-parser technique. The power to transform and manipulate data  
transmissions for encrypted data transfers could be designed to  
populate SQL databases way easier than is currently or often paid for  
by limited resources in some DBMS departments. Just think about HIPPA  
as one example. By adding the high speed of development with Revolution  
and the ease of integrating data transfers with legacy systems, a whole  
new kind of simpler XML can be sold to those that pay for new  
technologies. The invention of the pull-parser comes from ticked off IT  
professionals that are sick to death of all the advantages that XML has  
brought to them and the pull-parser is the result of simplifying that  
process. I just want it for myself and also want Rev to be a player in  
that future. There are some exciting things coming in the next seven  
years. The most notable is the semantic-web and RDF portals. It never  
hurts to be ahead of the competition.

Thanks for your interest,


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