Audio: "What i really would like to have" or "is anyone good in writing externals?"

Malte Brill malte.brill at
Fri Jul 30 09:12:00 CDT 2004


this will propably be of low interest, but I ask anyway.
What I really would like to have is an external that allows to play/edit
Soundtracker songs from within rev.
Soundtrackers were very common in the 80s/90s allowing to compose and play
back songs created from sampled audio. They allow to have hours of audio
with minimal filesize. My favourite nowadays is buzz (a pitty it´s only for
Win: )

There is a library around

which allows many Formats to be played back (a pity there is no buzz
support) on many platforms.

Now my question:

Could anyone compile externals from this lib without hours of work?
Or am I too blue eyed there?



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