Rép : Cross-platform fonts...what is everyone else doing?

joel.guillod at net2000.ch joel.guillod at net2000.ch
Thu Jul 29 04:41:53 CDT 2004

Last year in this list someone suggested to use the following crossplatform fonts:
- Bitstream Vera Sans
- Bitstream Vera Sans Mono
- Bitstream Vera Serif

I downloaded them at http://www.bitstream.com/

Also search for the archive, may be this could help.

Joel Guillod

> Grrrr... perhaps it is something goofy I am doing, but I would guess that
> a plain vanilla straight-across fidelity when the fonts exist under both
> Mac and Windows would be the common expectatation of many a user... of me,
> at least.
> Judy

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