Can Rev call API functions?

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Mon Jul 26 16:46:32 CDT 2004

Thanks Andre -

I've written externals before, but not since the late 80s! Then after I
discovered Metacard in the mid-90s, I never gave them another thought...
until now. I'm just trying to see if I can get by without having to create
externals for my current need. So far it's not looking very positive.

Thanks -

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On Jul 26, 2004, at 6:01 PM, Phil Davis wrote:

> Simple question:
> Can Rev call Windows API functions? (That is, natively, without any
> help
> from externals.)
> I assume not. I'm pretty fuzzy on what makes an app able to do this.
> Some
> kind of binding with the APIs has to be established, right? Seems like
> I
> remember some of that from my VB days. Any volunteers?
> If Rev can't do it natively, then I assume an external is required to
> supply
> the 'glue' - the binding. Yes?


externals are the way to go I think. since we use a cross platform
tool, making native calls to OS API are trick and not failsafe,
imagine, what happens if I make a call to a windows API and build for
Linux... can you hear the core dump coming... :D

we saw Chris make a simple external at the Revolution Masters Sumit, it
was pretty easy... and it works...


> Thanks -
> Phil Davis
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