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Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Sun Jul 25 17:11:17 CDT 2004

At 23:45 25/07/2004 +0200, Ton Cardona wrote:

>I would like to compare the modification date of a binary file on an ftp 
>server with that of a corresponding binary file in a folder on the hard disk.
>The purpose is to download files of the ftp server ony when their 
>modification date date is older than those of the files in the hard disk
>I guess there must be a way of doing it, but I am unable to find out how.

There's a "How To" on How to list the files in an FTP directory - summary 
is that an FTP URL which finishes in a "/" will give back a directory 
listing, including the name, size, permissions, owner, and last 
modification date

The example given is :
   put URL "ftp://ftp.example.net/mydir/" into field "List"

Take comparing modification times between systems for different clock 
settings - you may want to check current time on each machine and use that 
to adjust your decisions.

-- Alex.
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