Message Box useage from scripts

Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Sun Jul 25 12:38:46 CDT 2004


Revolution 2.2.1 on MacOSX
How do I set the command line in the message box?
None of the documentation or examples I have read covers this.
(I have read Receipe for Find field).  I am an old Hypercard programmer.

Desired behavior
1)   The goal is to allow control-click of a word in a unlocked field 
to be put into the message box as 'find "textStr', thus the user can 
simply hit the enterkey to continue to find occurrences.

Not what I want to accomplish...
2)   using 'put textStr into to msg'  or 'put textStr' adds the word 
"textStr" to the result pane of msg.
3)   using 'put ("find " &  quote & "textStr" & quote)' also adds to 
the result pane, thus the user cannot simply hit the enter key to 
repeat the find operation.

on mouseDown
   if the controlkey is down then
     put the clickText into temp
     put ("find " &  quote & temp & quote) --to set the msg
     find the clickText  -- do the first find here
   end if
end mouseDown

Is there a message box property to set?
Is there a message to send up the heirarchy?

Work around is to just have the user continually click on the found 
word with the control key down.  This could get to be more like a 
video game, however.

Thanks for your help

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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