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Kevin Miller kevin at runrev.com
Sat Jul 24 15:22:11 CDT 2004

On 24/7/04 6:27 pm, "Judy Perry" <jperryl at ecs.fullerton.edu> wrote:

> INDEED!!!!!  BIG-TIME!!!!
> I was similarly disturbed when I finally got down to that part of the fine
> print... (Yes, I eventually really did read it).

Lets be really clear here: the note in the read me refers to a change that
will take place but has not yet taken place.  Its precise consequences, if
any, will be clearly published when it actually takes place.  Obviously at
that time I will include a warning in the announcement email, along with any
other important warnings, such as the warning I gave not to use a beta
version on mission critical projects.  Providing a warning in this beta
would be inappropriate as there has been no change to the file format, and
consequently there is no need for concern.


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