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Bob Warren warren at howsoft.com
Fri Jul 23 19:42:26 CDT 2004

Hi Chipp, thanks for your answer.

No, I meant that the image totally disappears when re-sizing or
minimizing/maximizing the window. But I've just done a few experiments in
Windows XP and ME with the same result. Just as you said, using purely your
demo stack as supplied, the image only blinks (a lot) when the window size
is changed. What I have supplied in EXE form is a hacked-about version of
your stack which simply eliminates the navigation controls and changes the
URL. I have just done a few experiments with this version in Windows XP and
ME with the same result. If I resize the window, the image disappears, but
if I minimize it and maximize it, the image comes back. Also, if I open
another window which partially covers the (altered) altBrowser window and
then close that other window, it cuts a chunk out of the altBrowser image.
So this appears to be a problem with AUTOREDRAW, and is probably due to my
own limitations in handling Transcript. Do you agree?

For the folks who have not yet acquired the altBrowser DLL, I should perhaps
also clarify a few things:

1) The DLL is not expensive, and is well worth what I paid for it. To me, it
represents a tool which is not only fundamental for current use (see my
short article at http://www.howsoft.com/runrev/svg.htm), but is also a tool
which should become progressively more important in the future. Modern
programming is much more "browser-oriented" than hitherto, and this trend is
likely to continue.

2) My little problems in handling the demo stack have nothing to do with the
most fundamental part, the DLL. I have not tried it yet, but you can
obviously build a stack from scratch along the same lines as the demo,
probably with no trouble at all (even with autoredraw).

For the reasons above, I really would like to see the stack perfected by a)
getting to the bottom of a little issue with the demo stack I have mentioned
before; b) producing versions for Linux and Mac.

The little problem I have mentioned before in relation to the original
altBrowser demo stack (not the DLL ??) is that when it is loaded into
RunRev, the use of the mouse's right click disappears. Insisting with right
mouse clicks on the IDE elements can even cause Rev to crash (freeze). I
speculated at first that this might have something to do with the Metacard
engine that is possibly involved somewhere (??), but I have tried loading
actual Metacard stacks without the same result. I should add that I am using
Revolution 2.2.1. I haven't tried anything later. When I mentioned this
previously, you appeared not to quite understand what I was talking about,
so could it be that I have a specific problem with my setup that you do not
have? Or is it just plain incompetence at work again (mine)? Perhaps by
building a new stack employing the altBrowser DLL we could discover at what
point the "right-mouse-button problem" occurs. What are your latest thoughts
on this Chipp?

Bob W.

> Hi Bob,
> I used altBrowser (the downloaded version from our website) to go to the
> page below, and resized the window with no problems. The image does
> blink while resizing, but appears instantly when done. Is that what you
> mean?
> For instance, download the demo altBrowser stack at:
> http://www.altuit.com/webs/altuit2/RunRev/altBrowser.htm
> and go to the pdf document at:
> http://www.altuit.com/webs/altuit2/magicCarpet/MagicCarpetManual2.pdf
> As you will see, altBrowser correctly renders the PDF file w/out problem.
> BTW, at the bottom of your page, you mention:
> "If you would like to download the runtime executable demonstrating the
> stack shown above, click here. It is a ZIP file containing the stack EXE
> and the altBrowser.dll (which is freely available because it is supplied
> with the altBrowser demo)."
> I understand what you are saying here, and as a licensee of altBrowser,
> you may freely distribute the dll in *exactly* the fashion you are
> doing-- but so that others don't get the wrong impression,
> altBrowser.dll is a licensed product and not 'free' (unlike most of my
> other plugins, etc.)
> best,
> Chipp

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