Help with database locked. (/tmp/mysql.sock is bad) (Andre Garzia)

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Fri Jul 23 15:17:34 CDT 2004

Something similar happened to me. Lock messages and open the stack using
message box then make a button with this in it:

 revSetSQLOfQuery "Connect",tSQLStatement

And set the sql statement to something simple and innocuous and the
"connect" should be the name of your query that starts when the card opens.
If you try to open the menu command for the database query builder it will
just lock up again (at least that is how it went with me). The other queries
that aren't set to automatically connect should be no problem. I also got
connection errors right before it locked-up (and it locks up in a weird way
like it is still trying to open the stack and it will allow you to do key
board commands but nothing with mouse).

-- but I imagine that by now you probably fixed this some other way. There
must be some way to open the database query builder without setting lock
messages back to true and running a query.

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> Revolution crashed and now everytime I try to open back my stack, and
> it's full of Database Query Stuff, I get a connection error that it
> could not connect to database thru socket /tmp/mysql.sock (2). I think
> maybe Rev uses a lockfile or the like to manage the connection and that
> it's locked now... can someone help me? I did a simple file search and
> it didn't find mysql.sock... but Finder is keen on skipping folders
> that he feels like it should be dangerous to look into.
> if my lockfile assumption is wrong, can someone give me a hint whats
> happening? The database is there and the connection parameters are
> fine, I tested them with CocoaMySQL and with YourSQL. I was using the
> stack fine for days now... I was just bullet proofing the app, it's
> supposed to ship first beta to the company in two hours...
> any help is really appreciated.
> cheers

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