Screen Size Advice

Tom Cole tom.cole at
Thu Jul 22 15:17:01 CDT 2004

Thanks for the help, but I guess I'm getting confused with the screen 
size info.

All I really want is to decide on a smart size for my cards so I can 
position my graphics and buttons and know that they will not overflow 
anyone's screen.

When I drag a screen around until its rect is 800/600, I have plenty of 
room to work. (It's quite big!) So I guess my question is if I just 
keep all my buttons and graphics within this size area, 600/800, will 
it work for people and does it matter then what the stack's screenrect 
is? I just want to know if I develop with cards whose rects are at 
600/800 if people will have enough room. I can't seem to change the 
screenrect for the stack, whose default seems to be 1024/768.

Many Thanks,

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