Web Delivery

Gordon Tillman got at mindspring.com
Thu Jul 22 13:42:54 CDT 2004

Klaus thank you very much!

>> ...because I found a hidden folder in my home directory called 
>> ".revolution" that has a "urlcache" folder in it.  And it has files 
>> in it, even if I quit the Revolution application.  Now I'm thinking 
>> the contents of that folder are those files loaded as a result of a 
>> "load URL ..." command being used somewhere in RR, perhaps by the 
>> "Revolution Online Viewer".
> That invisible folder is only for the "Revolution online" cache and 
> has nothing to do with "load url..."
> Click the rev logo in the topright corner of "Rev online", there you 
> can define the maximum size for that folder...

Very interesting!  This is a lot more fun than the (ahem, boring) work 
stuff I'm supposed to be doing!


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