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At 11:08 22/07/2004 -0400, RGould8 at wrote:

>I've got an Applescript below that converts a text string into a
>format that IE's plist config file understands.   (I'm trying to
>save a new URL into IE's default homepage prefs)
>set s to ""
>set s to (ASCII character (count s)) & s
>do shell script "echo -n " & quoted form of s & " | openssl base64"
>Can anyone tell me how this could be converted to work as a
>Transcript solution?   The base64 encoding is easy - - - it's
>the ASCII character count part that I'm not sure
>how to convert into Transcript

I think that would be
    put numToChar(number of characters of s) into t
    put t & s into s

PS: you can probably do it in a single statement, but I prefer to take two 
steps while I'm not quite sure of the correct way to write it.

PPS: I have no knowledge of Applescript, but I'm guessing the code above 
has the obvious meaning ...

-- Alex.
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