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Fascinating. Thanks for the explanation, Kevin.

> The problem we were faced with was this: over the last couple of 
> years, the
> dollar has slid enormously relative to the pound.  We used to tie all 
> our
> prices against the dollar, even the UK prices were billed in dollars.  
> It
> was simpler to have one price, and the dollar was the most commonly 
> used.
> The problem was that as that slid, *all* our sales to all countries,
> including the UK, started to slide as well, as they were fixed against 
> this
> value.  This was a really bad situation to be in.  One option was 
> simply to
> increase the product price.  The problem with that was that the US 
> market is
> very competitive in relation to software, and our research indicated 
> that it
> would damage our sales to increase prices across the board in this 
> market.
> So the other option was to start tying prices in markets other than 
> the US
> to prices to our native currency, here in the UK.  We ended up 
> splitting the
> pricing such that the UK and all international prices are fixed 
> against the
> pound, and only US citizens can purchase from us in dollars.  The 
> price is
> still the same for US citizens - remember that a dollar in the US is 
> still
> worth a dollar to someone living in the US, it hasn't "slid" over the 
> past
> couple of years relative to that market.  And the price in the rest of 
> the
> world is exactly the same as it was before the dollar currency slide, 
> and
> the same as it will be when the dollar recovers.  We're still 
> substantially
> worse off because of the high volume of US sales that we do, but at 
> least
> we're not losing money in Europe and Australia because the *US* dollar 
> is so
> weak.  What we're doing isn't any different from what most other 
> companies
> do, and we really do not have a choice.  That's just how it is - if 
> anyone
> with experience with international currency trading has wishes to 
> propose a
> different solution, feel free to email me off list!
> Kind regards,
> Kevin
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