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Alex Tweedly alex at
Thu Jul 22 10:05:26 CDT 2004

At 15:17 22/07/2004 +0100, Heather Nagey wrote:

> > Well, just 10 days ago I bought my first license - Express plus a one year
> > update bundle.
> > Now I find that there will be no updates on the product I bought.
> >
> > Tell me again  - why should I be happy about it ?
>Alex, write me off list and we'll discuss what would be fair in your
>situation. At the end of the day, we don't want anyone to walk away unhappy
>with this.

Thank you Heather, I will do that - though if you make it all the through 
my last email, you'll see that I say it's not that big a deal for me. It's 
the annoyance of buying and seeing it disappear, not a few dollars here or 
there, that matters.

>Dreamcard is good news for the community as a whole, we're very excited
>about the possibilities it opens up.

I'm not sure I understand properly just exactly what the Player does allow. 
The Player in the 2.5B1 distribution only allows me to connect to Rev 
on-line; does that mean I can't send a stack directly to a Player-owner and 
have them use it ? Can they only get it via Rev online ?

I'd like to see an expanded description of what the player will be or will 
do ....

[ I'd like to get excited about it, I'd like to see opportunities open up - 
but without a better idea of what the "Player experience" will be for the 
folks I write software for, I can't do that yet ]

> >
> > (And I won't even mention the fact that I bought it in the UK, at 40% more
> > than the USD prices we generally talk about).
>I don't really want to get a price discussion going here, but I think a
>footnote wouldn't go amiss. Unfortunately UK customers do have to pay VAT,
>government tax which we have no control over.

Indeed the tax must be paid. But you do have control over the price in each 
country, and can adjust accordingly (see the long answer part of my email 
that crossed in the ether, in particular the part about amortizing 
development costs across all sales revenue).

>If you have a VAT registered
>business you can claim it back. As for the rest of the price comparison, if
>you look at the progression of the US/UK exchange rate over the last few
>years you'll realise it became imperative for us to set the UK price at a
>firm figure rather than continue to watch it slide into oblivion.

The US price (as converted into GBP) has been "sliding into oblivion", why 
is it imperative to make the UK price behave differently ?  You have needed 
to adjust your business model and/or prices to account for the decreasing 
income in real terms from the majority of international customers - why 
penalize the relatively small number of domestic ones.

-- Alex.
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