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> Obviously the two commands that are the most important are Step Into and
> Abort.
> Space and Option Space are utterly unintuitive. Command Period is also
> unintuitive but at least it is traditional.

They are the most obvious keyboard shortcuts we could think of.  You
probably want to step-into lots of times in a script.  Pressing space is a
really simple and easy way to do this.  Try it for a while and see how you
find it - it might just take some getting used to?

> A GUI where you have to go to the documentation (or get emails from the CEO -
> by the way, Thank You, Kevin) for simple things like shortcuts is not good
> use of a GUI.

True, but then again this is a beta :)  And as it happens they are
documented, in the Shortcuts Reference in the Help menu.

> Command I, Command T, and Command A are easy to remember because they relate
> to the action described by the button.

They are all used for other things already, and not just other things but
things that are so well remembered it could be quite confusing to reuse
these.  (Command-w only works to run because closing the window, even with
the mouse, executes run.)

Thanks for the feedback.

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