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At 14:36 22/07/2004, you wrote:

>(And I won't even mention the fact that I bought it in the UK, at 40% more 
>than the USD prices we generally talk about).

I thought it was the same price +VAT. Are they more expensive?

Checks the USA URL

149 dollars
goes to currency converter

puts in 149 and gets a cost of £80.75 but tye UK price is £99? 26% more. 
then add on VAT

So why is it more expensive in the UK? I only live 35 miles from runrev HQ 
and anyway it is a download so it shouldn'y matter where I am.

It should be 80.75 + VAT surely?
I dont mind paying the VAT, but a different price for a download. Granted 
currency rates fluctuate, however, I think this should either be in dollars 
+ 17.5% VAT or have the store updated (even every 3 months) to account for 
the exchange at that time. I sell my palmtop apps in dollars even though I 
am in Scotland as well.


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