Express to Dreamcard was RE: scrollbar problems

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Jul 22 08:04:26 CDT 2004

Bob Hartley wrote:
> So why wait with runrev. Well because it is nice to use for a beginner 
> like me. I will probably get a studio license only on the hope that 
> scrollbars are implemented natively in windows and not via a group 
> situation. It is not useful for me otherwise.

In all fairness, it depends on what you need.  Yes, for interactively 
creating objects within a group we'll want to see Bugzilla #623 
addressed.  But for anything using the default browse tool I find groups 
to be infinitely more flexible than limiting me to always use the entire 
window for a scrolling region.

> And last but not least. I will upgrade because of the list. I will 
> however, be trying realbasic in the next week to assess it. You never 
> know, I may get used to it.

It's been a while since I bothered with BASIC, but last time I looked 
into it there was no way to create new objects on the fly at runtime. 
This would not fully preclude the possibility of making a drawing app, 
but would require a lot more work as you'd be writing everything down to 
the objects' selection handles yourself (there is not pointer tool).

As for the licensing stuff, I haven't yet read a post from Kevin 
describing what will happen with license holders for the 
about-to-be-end-of-lifed Express (did I miss it?).

Because there is nothing in the new product lineup that matches the old 
Express product, the question is whether those licenses are downgraded 
to the new DreamCard or upgraded to Studio.  Of course a free upgrade to 
Studio would be heroic of them, but it might still be good if there were 
an attractively-priced upgrade option to carry Express users forward.

For myself, I'm glad there's now a clearer differentiation between the 
products.  I could never quite remember all of the distinctions among 
them, and making DreamCard more obviously a hobbyist product helps 
clarify the product line as a whole.

When comparing prices with other products remember to account for total 
costs.  I'm not familiar enough with either set of packages to make a 
comparison (I bought a MetaCard license years ago which was only 
available for $995 and never regetted it), but the issue has come up on 
other lists and last time I read such a thread Rev's prices were 
ultimately on par.

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