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Thu Jul 22 04:16:47 CDT 2004

At 09:34 22/07/2004, you wrote:
Hi Again

Please remember this is written while in a good mood. It is not a rant but 
intended to be a "constructive criticism".

snip bits about objects and scrollbars.

>This is the type of thing that I NEED to do.
>The inability to have scrolling windows and the realisation that I have to 
>upgrade to studio has made me re-think using revolution.

Perhaps I should clarify this. When I say rethink, I don't mean dump it, 
simply reassess it. I upgraded my express subscription this month so I 
could get updates (I was not proactive on this but was prompted by runrev). 
Now I see that there are going to be no updates of express, however, there 
will be dreamcard that can also run on mac (I dont need this) and uses a 
runtime (I ""definitely"" don't want this for my apps) I realise many will 
like it and I can see a place for it, BUT not at the expense of express.

So I have 2 options. Stay with express at the current version. OR......
Upgrade to studio; to get upgrades of that in the future for creating 
windows standalones (even though upgrades of express would have been OK for 
that). The cost for that is a very generous $99. But why should I have to 
do this when express is all I need? Also how do I know that studio wont 
morph into something else like express-dreamcard. Also the annual 
subscription is $199

I probably will, I just don't like being "forced down that road". Why cant 
we have something like.

<hypothetical marketing bumph>
Runrev Dreamcard. "The crossplatform development environment for only $99"

Runrev also offer a single platform standalone app generator called express 
for only $149 or $99 if you already have Dreamcard. That way you can create 
standalones for single platoforms for $99/ platform once your app becomes 

or for full cross-platform standalones we have studio for only $xyz

</hypothetical marketing bumph>

IE I can continue to use express, or upgrade to studio or crossgrade to 
dreamcard. THen I would have had nothing to moan about. :-)

Her is a scenario...
Someone could buy dreamcard to use on windows and mac etc etc. Then realise 
that their app could become commercial. So they buy an express license for 
windows and sell the app. Hey they think, this is a seller, I could sell 
this to mac people.... so they buy a mac express and make standalones for 
mac. (I believe standalones are more professional looking than runtimes). 
IE sale sale sale.

However there are other alternatives. Real basic at $99 will allow me to 
make standalones and also create the crucial scrollbars. I don't need mac 
compatibility, or I would simply buy supercard for the scrollbars and stay 
with transcript.

So why would I consider RealBasic?

It is harder to learn, but once learned, the language could be used in 
other ways (RISC OS, BBC BASIC) or ease me into other BASIC based 
environments like HB++.

I could have scrollbars that work for my situation. Also if I wanted to 
make a mac version, then I could upgrade realbasic.

So why wait with runrev. Well because it is nice to use for a beginner like 
me. I will probably get a studio license only on the hope that scrollbars 
are implemented natively in windows and not via a group situation. It is 
not useful for me otherwise.

And last but not least. I will upgrade because of the list. I will however, 
be trying realbasic in the next week to assess it. You never know, I may 
get used to it.

Remenber this is intended to be constructive criticism not a rant. :-)

All the best

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