Version 2.5B1 and dbsqlite

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Wed Jul 21 13:09:46 CDT 2004

on 7/21/04 9:01 AM, Andre Garzia at soapdog at wrote:

> I think it will be
> great and if they deliver SSL security then we'll come to a new
> security age....
> Cheers
> Andre

Finally, we can talk about encryption. The reason I didn't use Dar Scott's
great idea and source code, "the boxes," or Richard Gaskin's excellent
suggestions and source code for storing arrays in customProperties is
because I wanted to use one single high speed encryption process on a single
text document all at once. To use encryption with these other array options
would require encrypting/decrypting in a repeat loop. So I decrypt then
pull-parse to an array in a global var. This works best for my needs and
perhaps if including encryption for you as well.

Rev_BlowfishCBC is dead. Long live openSSL. Slowfish is dead, welcome to
greased lightning, and that's no joke.

If anyone wants to see the new MTML Intuition 1.1a, (windows only for the
next few days), you can download the commercial demo version at:

I'm working on the Help section today before creating the MacOS & MacOSX
versions. The on-line docs do not reflect the new features available in this

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