cgi and ftp

maxence.bernard at maxence.bernard at
Wed Jul 21 09:15:56 CDT 2004


I have a cgi application that calls a stack. Inside this stack, I have to
upload a file in a ftp server. I used to do, in another stack :

libURLftpUploadFile myFile,""

But now that I am in a cgi, this command doesn't work anymore ("Execution
error"). I tried to insert the revlibrary.rev file from "components/
global environment" in my stack (this file is supposed to contain the
Internet library, isn't it?), by doing,

on startup
library "components/global environment/revlibrary.rev"
end startup

But it doesn't work also.
I tried at the end to add:

send "openBackground to this stack" but it makes an execution error too.

Has anybody an idea on how can we upload by ftp in a cgi application?


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