RevGoURL filetypes in OS 9

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Mon Jul 19 19:05:27 CDT 2004

On 15 Jul 2004, at 3:34 am, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> I am creating files that need to be opened in the user's default 
> browser. In OS X I can do this by setting the filetype to "????????" 
> which forces OS X to use the default browser. Since revGoURL uses 
> AppleScript on Macs, I suspect this filetype will cause the file to 
> open in TextEdit on OS 9. If someone here knows the correct filetype 
> to use on MacOS 9 it will save me some experimentation time (or will 
> the generic one above work?)
What if you set the filetype to "????HTML" - would that be enough to 
convince it to use the default browser. Even on OS 9, if there is no 
filetype set i.e. set it to empty, would the extension ".html" not be 
enough to force it to use the default browser?

> I can use an IE creator code as a last resort, but I don't want to.
No, I hate it when apps insist on starting something other than my 
chosen browser.


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