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Fri Jul 16 07:30:43 CDT 2004

Sorry that I m so late finishing this threat and fulfilling my promise 
of an example.

On 11.07.2004, at 21:27, Marian Petrides wrote:
> Beginners (especially) need things explained to them in what I call 
> "people language."  My post was intended to demonstrate how that can 
> be done. I hate the name "for Dummies" but using the term is the 
> quickest way to get the point across.  In order to "hook" beginners, 
> we need introductory material such as would appear in a book entitled 
> "Revolution for Dummies."  :-0)
thats exactly what I m tried to say - but in better english;)

> I realize now, but didn't when I made my post, that Judy wasn't 
> looking for that kind of answer. At the time I thought she was (sorry, 
> Judy!).
It was my impression too.

!Important: pls dont analyze these examples for correct content. I did 
_not_ learn what an Array is. I tried only to show, what kind of 
book/exemple stack/tool I would like to learn new/unknown content. And 
how would I restructure rev examples.
It is only a first draft. To become a real brainfriendly 
book/tool/MM-App/ it would need a lot more of conceptional and detail 

please have a look first at arrayexplication and then at arrayexample 
to understand naturally like a beginner learner.
To make an important point more clearer; understanding and remembering 
is not only an issue of beinners. A better understandable structure and 
a more selfexplaining grafical UI helpes also the professionals to get 
it faster and remember more effectively.

On 11.07.2004, at 19:52, Judy Perry wrote:
> Head on over to the new Yahoo group Richard & Dan have set up on this
> topic:
> If you're willing to collaborate...
> Hope to see you over there!
Thanks Judy, I ll check that!

thanks to all for you patience and for your very interesting ideas too.

Wolfgang M. Bereuter

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