UUID Generation

MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Fri Jul 16 04:33:22 CDT 2004


what do you want to accomplish?

Generate or get the file ids?

if it's the later, check out www.sysinternals.com

for the first, internal file id tracking,
just add 1 to a fileID, you can work as many as 2^48 files or folders!

then use the file array object


put filesize(filearray[fileid,"path") into filearray[fileid,"size"]
put filearray[123,"filename") &cR after afilelist


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> I use UUIDs in a considerable amount of my *NIX and Win32 C++
> applications (Temporary file names, Object Ids etc.).  I was
> wondering if anyone has written a function/command for Runtime Revolution?
> Kevin
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