Get from "unopened" stack

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto revolution at
Wed Jul 14 21:16:53 CDT 2004

At 6:26 PM +0200 7/13/04, Klaus Major wrote:
>>How is accessing an unopened stack different than using "go invisible"?
>I have actually no idea...
>Maybe an "unopened" stack is loaded into memory somehow in a hiden 
>area when accessing some props of that stack and maybe released 
>immediately after that, but i am only guessing...?

It's loaded into memory, but there's no window for it. (Just like a 
stack whose destroyStack is false, after you close it... it's still 
in memory even though it's closed.)

There's some stuff about this in "About windows, palettes, and dialog 
boxes" under the section "Open, closed, and hidden windows".
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