Setting explicitVariables

Alex Tweedly alex at
Wed Jul 14 13:08:36 CDT 2004

At 12:48 14/07/2004 -0500, Ken Ray wrote:

>Actually, Alex, Mark should have said "upcoming version" of the script
>editor. 'Variable Checking' is in the Script menu of the Script Editor in
>the  next version of Rev (currently-in-alpha).

Cool !  Best answer I could have hoped for.

(Actually, any answer that didn't start "You just missed it you dummy, it's 
at ..." would have been good :-)

So - is there any way to set it today, other than the (apparently unsupported)
"set explicitVariables to true" method I used before ?
Or is that method expected to be OK in 2.2, and only becomes inadvisable in 
next release ?

-- Alex.
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