focus color and osx

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Jul 14 04:40:12 CDT 2004

Hi Sarah,

> It's an OS X system preference - go to the Appearance system pref and 
> you can select either blue or graphite in the
> Appearance menu. Once you close the system prefs window, this new 
> focus color will be applied.
> Note that although this system setting is used and cannot be 
> overridden by a setting in Rev, the system highlight color setting is 
> used by default but CAN be overridden by your own setting.

Is there a way to retrieve this OS X system hilite color?
In a "plist" or something?

I would like my "fake" lists (a graphic faking the hilite!) to use the 
currently selected
system hilite color, too...

Thanks in advance.

> Cheers,
> Sarah
> sarahr at


Klaus Major
klaus at

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