Full process listing through shell()

Brian Yennie briany at qldlearning.com
Mon Jul 12 15:28:16 CDT 2004


Try this option to "ps":

      -w      Use 132 columns to display information, instead of the 
              which is your window size.  If the -w option is specified 
              than once, ps will use as many columns as necessary without
              regard for your window size.

You could also try setting some sort of environment variable to change 
your "window size"- I believe 80 columns is the default terminal 

- Brian

> I'm trying to get a listing of all the processes in OS X that are 
> running by
> using "ps -x". In the Terminal, the paths that are displayed under the
> "COMMAND" heading are as long as will fit in the width of the 
> Terminal, but
> when I do:
>   put shell("ps -x")
> I get a truncated listing (about 80 chars). Any way I can get the full
> listing through shell? Some command-line tweak?
> Thanks for any help that can be provided,
> Ken Ray
> Sons of Thunder Software
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