rename field on insertion

Bob Hartley bob at
Mon Jul 12 12:18:44 CDT 2004

Hi All.

I have a Textfield (TxA1) on a card in one stack (a template stack)  and I 
have a button on this card that inserts it into a card in another stack 
"working stack". If I click on the button again it inserts a Textfield 
again. OK it is supposed to do this.

However, "both" the textfields are called TxA1. I want to name the first 
field TxA1, but I want the second textfield to be called TxA2 and if there 
was a third click then the third field to be TxA3.

So the button click on stack template would have to read textfields in the 
working stack and if they exist, determine the largest number after TxA in 
the name and insert a textfield with TxA? +1

Any ideas on how this can be done?

Beyond me.


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