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Troy Rollins troy at
Sun Jul 11 20:27:07 CDT 2004

On Jul 11, 2004, at 7:12 PM, Dar Scott wrote:

> Oh.  There is one very positive thing.  The best I can tell, you can 
> put any string into an array element, including binary (arbitrary 
> byte) values such as images.  (The best I can tell, only keys cannot 
> take arbitrary binary data.)

I wrote a MUCH longer reply to this thread, but as I was nearing the 
end of it, I realized the bigger issue, so hopefully this message will 
be somewhat shorter.  ;-)

It occurs to me that coming from another language and authoring 
environment, I am personally accustomed to storing my data in lists. 
Large, complex, yet easily navigable nested lists. This nature of data 
storage does not seem well-suited to Rev, no matter how well mimicked 
some (like Mark) have managed to make it. It is not as easily created, 
worked with, or maintained. There are no native tools for viewing the 
data, and a very limited command set for manipulating the data. I'm 
wondering if I'm swimming upstream rather than with the current, and 
letting the tools do some of the work for me.

I'm wondering, is there a distinct lack of powerful multi-dimensional 
arrays because in general, they aren't needed as "that just isn't the 
way its done in Rev."

So the question is broader, and it may take yet more unlearning on my 

What is the recommended way, in Rev, to store large amounts of session 
temporary, relational data which includes both text and non-text 
(binary) information? In terms of speed of access, ease of access, ease 
of maintenance, etc.

In my previous world, it was nested lists... and here in RevLand?
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