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Mark Brownell gizmotron at
Sun Jul 11 16:38:07 CDT 2004

on 7/11/04 1:57 PM, Troy Rollins at troy at wrote:

> On Jul 11, 2004, at 4:15 PM, Mark Brownell wrote:
>> I came from Director also and missed lists so much that I created my
>> own.
> Very cool. Downloaded, and will play with this tonight.
> I can extrapolate then that Rev (Transcript) does not then actually
> have a decent way to do this natively?

No, sort of. The dimensionalList.rev example came after I decided that a
pull-parser version of a single row & column table was only two dimensional.
It does not take a great leap to see that anyone could create a key handler
that transforms "myArray[1][1][2]" into a key named "1,1,2" to be used in
any array. I use the pull-parser with the text version because it's also an
external text based storage file.

I've been dreaming of the day that a high speed pull-parser was added to Rev
for these two reasons of using text based dimensional lists.

If I had a parser that created a numerical array like this example:
-- put getPNLPelements("<record>", "</record>", yourTextData) into theArray
function getPNLPelements tStartTag, tEndTag, StringToSearch

and a single element parser that grabbed elements from smaller chunks of
text containing pages of markup for example:

-- put PNLPgetElement("<price>", "</price>", theArray[32]) into theElement
function PNLPgetElement tStTag, tEdTag, stngToSch

Then I could build a multi-dimensional function that could rival the speed
of lists in Director. Those lists could be storage devices as well as a
single text document.

> And, have you done any speed tests? As you know, lists are very fast in
> Director. I'm assuming these methods in your stacks are faster than
> accessing similar data from fields, etc. as it is variable based?

It's pretty fast on 1 meg data objects. You can even store and gather
compressed(base64) data between tag sets that can be rebuilt as images. Rev
is so cool when it comes to transforming information.


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