[Slightly OT] Setting up WinXP as webserver to test RunRev CGI

Andre Garzia soapdog at mac.com
Sat Jul 10 19:02:41 CDT 2004

If you're into CGI scripting using Revolution take your time to look 

revHTTPd project which is a simple webserver with tons of features 
built with Rev. It's ideal for self contained apps and intranets. You 
can see it running by pointing to http://home.soapdog.org:8082

LibCGI by Rodney and Monte, it's a very high level and usefull CGI lib 
for those using Apache. You can see it at 

CGI-Tool palette, it's a nice utilitie I wrote that will help you 
install both MetaCard engine and LibCGI on a remote FTP account so that 
you can use it for CGI. Will manage the instalation of your own stacks 
as CGI too.. yes, Install a CGI on remote server from inside Rev IDE. 
http://public.soapdog.org  get it's cgitool.rev

the CGI Tutorial located at http://www.hyperactivesw.com/cgitutorial/ 
by Jacqueline Landman Gay is also a can't-live-without reading for 
those fiddling with Rev for CGI.

I think thats all I could sum right now...


On Jul 10, 2004, at 6:02 PM, Dave Cragg wrote:

> At 7:31 am +0200 4/7/04, Terry Vogelaar (de Mare) wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a Mac OS X machine set up to test my RunRev CGI scipts. It
>> was quite easy to set up the build in server and install the Darwin
>> engine on it, mainly thanks to the great tutorial made by Jacque.
>> For the website I cooperate with some WinXP users. Does this
>> platform have a build in webserver that can use an engine of RunRev
>> as a CGI? Or should I let them install Apache?
>> Any tips?
> Late reply, but it may be useful.
> You can install IIS on XP. I don't think it's installed by default but 
> it's on the CD (on XP Pro at least).
> I've been running CGI scripts with IIS on XP for a long time with very 
> few problems. I use an older Metacard engine (cmc.exe), but the Rev 
> engine specifically for Windows CGI scripts should be fine. You can 
> get it here:
>    <http://www.runrev.com/downloads/engines/2.0/cgi/>
> You can place the engine anywhere on the XP hard drive. You then just 
> have to configure IIS to link the extension you use for the cgi 
> scripts to the Rev cgi engine. (In my case, I use ".mt") You do this 
> in the IIS administration utility. The general procedure is like this 
> (probably useful to read the online docs for IIS configuration before 
> starting):
>   -- In the IIS Admin Utility, create a virtual directory for placing 
> your cgi scripts.
>   -- In the Admin Utility, select the virtual directory and select 
> properties (File menu or right click??)
>   -- Set the Execute Permissions for this directory to "Scripts and 
> Executables"
>   -- Click the Configuration button (You will se a list of mappings 
> between file extensions and executables)
>   -- Click Add
>   -- Enter the path to the executable (or use Browse) and the 
> extension of your scripts (e.g. .mt). IMPORTANT After the executable 
> path add " %s %s". For example, in my case the path is: 
> F:\mc_cgi\cmc.exe %s %s
> Then you're basically done. Just put your cgi scripts in the Virtual 
> folder, and that should be it.
> Two points:
> 1.  The cgi scripts under IIS don't need the #! line that you use 
> under Linux/OS X (but will cause no problem if present)
> 2.  I've found it useful to add a short wait at the end of the startup 
> handler, like this:
>     on startup
>       ## usual cgi stuff
>       wait 20 milliseconds
>     end startup
> Cheers
> Dave
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