anyone here want to try XML-RPC Server Side.

Andre Garzia soapdog at
Sat Jul 10 18:53:29 CDT 2004

Hi Folks,

it's with great pleasure that I am here to announce that I finally 
managed to implement XML-RPC server side in Revolution. The "Integer", 
"String", "Date", "Boolean", "Float" and "Double" datatypes are mapping 
correctly. It's build in a way that you simply don't need to change 
your code. Just create your handlers as usual, if you want to return a 
XML-RPC error just use throw, if you want to return data just use 
return. If you need more info on XML-RPC you can check

For those using MacOS X I made a couple AppleScripts to demo the new 
RevHTTPd XML-RPC features. You can fetch it from:

for those that know how to build XML-RPC requests, just point to and try the available demo methods

method: rpcDemos.Hello
Parameters: your name as a string
Description: the server will return a nice hello message to you.

method: rpcDemos.WhatTimeIsIt
Parameters: none
Description: shows the current time and date here on the server.

method: rpcDemos.sumAll
Parameters: any
Description: will sum all parameters

method: rpcDemos.productAll
Parameters: any
Description: will multiply all the parameters

method: rpcDemos.testError
Parameters: none
Description: throws an error just to show our error handling kung-fu!

if someone wants a simple applescript source to test the server, here 
it goes:

-- This is the obligatory hello world
tell application ""
	return call xmlrpc {method name:"rpcDemos.hello", parameters:{"put 
your name here"}}
end tell

as you might have guessed, this thing runs inside revHTTPd server, you 
can point your browser to to know more 
about the project. Also, rpcDemos is just a simple stack, I am  making 
it available so that you can see it's code 
( There's no XML-RPC code in 
it, just simple handlers using return and throw, this is to show that 
any stack can be used in a XML-RPC enviroment. revHTTPd engine will 
translate back and from the XML-RPC spec automatically.

I  am now leaving a simple server with demos running here at home in my 
revHTTPd implementation. I would welcome everyone to try it for the fun 
of it.
Please send me feedback!!!


Andre Alves Garzia ð 2004 ð BRAZIL

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